About Jim Perkins

Jim served his apprenticeship at Nottingham Locomotive Depot then coded 16A, later 16D. Jim's railway connections go back further as one of his great grandfathers, Henry Bratby, was a Goods Guard on the Midland at Burton-on-Trent.

He went through a rigorous training regime and working experience. He worked on MR types still surviving in the 1950s along with LMS/BR and some LNER classes. During the severe winter of 1963 he was fortunate to be at Derby Works for his training and therefore did not have to endure the sustained freezing conditions in the running shed.

Almost halfway through his appenticeship a gradual switch was made to diesel locomotive maintenance, the main classes being the O-6-O English Electric shunters and Sulzer type 4s (class 45) along with the occasional railcar.

Jim entered the Merchant Navy in 1967 travelling in extensively in Africa and Arabia. In 1970 he became a service engineer for Petters at Burton-on-Trent.

Jim has written several books detailing the history of the Midland Railway and Petter Engines. He has recently published his first fictional book, The Red Severns, being a a tale of Victorian espionage and criminality.

He lives with his wife, Connie, in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire.